Social distancing and maintaining hygiene are at the forefront of businesses concerns when trying to open up their establishment safely again for staff and customers.

These concerns will again become a major talking point leading up to September 21st with reopening of Irish Pubs. 

NPHET also suggested that pubs may have to introduce extra toilet facilities in order to adhere to social distancing requirements.

Pubs may also be forced to limit the amount of customers in the facility, depending on the size of the premises and how enclosed it is.

How can SafeCount help with these Guidelines across all sectors ?

Live occupancy monitoring for Pubs, Restaurants, supermarkets, retail, offices and education establishments across all areas.

Designed for accuracy and fast implementation, a SafeCount system helps businesses comply with social distancing and occupancy restrictions by anonymously counting people as they enter and exit your building and many of the heavy traffic areas within your building.

Suitable for buildings of all sizes, a SafeCount solution delivers live occupancy data with visual warnings and alerts when limits are approached or exceeded. As a standalone solution, SafeCount works independently of existing IT networks and is designed for simple setup and fast installation.


- Live, highly accurate, occupancy data

- Visual warnings and alerts - with customisable occupancy limits

- Fast and easy, self-install solution

- Buildings of all sizes - with single, multiple or wide entrances/exits

- Standalone, yet highly scalable solution

- Staff detection functionality

- Privacy protecting sensor

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Application Benefits:

Moving from a Tally Counter to an Automated People Counting System.

Using manual tally counters may have  been the go to method in the past, there's no denying in a busy space this is often inaccurate and subject to human error.

With the increasing importance of measuring occupancy and ensuring that spaces aren't overcrowded for health and safety reasons, simply pressing a button to account for someone's entry into an area becomes unreliable and expensive, especially if used long term.



Why automated people counters work better across the Retail Sector ?

Retail stores normally experience a high level of footfall on their premises from multiple entrances and exits, this makes it virtually impossible for someone to stand at the door and accurately track footfall traffic with a manual tally counter.
Imagine a scenario where three people are entering, and four are going out. And what happens when the employee responsible for the tally counter needs to go on a break or is asked a question by a customer and misses several walk-ins?
Then you have a visit form your Environmental Health Officer, your count is not accurate at this precise moment which begs the question have you been maintaining accurate levels at anytime ?

SafeCount  provides the perfect solution that will SAVE time & expense !

SafeCount real-time occupancy monitoring solution tracks people coming in and out of a building, regardless of volume. This is a crucial feature at a time when social distancing and health and safety are significantly affecting how retailers operate and how many people they can safely let into their stores at any given time.
The data needs to be as accurate as possible, SafeCount  can connect to a screen, speaker or traffic lights and provide visual alerts and audio warnings to incoming visitors, giving them a clear signal they see and hear which means your staff are more productive.

Download the SafeCount datasheet to learn more: Click Here ! 

Office work spaces along with Public Offices Social Distancing concerns.

Office Staff now have concerns about how their offices and manufacturing outlets are going to observe social distancing and hygiene regulations, it's essential to find reliable solutions.

How will you monitor occupancy levels of individual floors, office rooms, and high traffic areas such as washrooms and canteens?

Staff now want social distancing and employers are required to implement social distancing in the workplace along with other measures; on the flip side, privacy is also a concern, in that employees don’t want to be personally identified by tracking or monitoring devices.

SafeCount system addresses these concerns by collecting information anonymously and feeding it back to your Health & Safety teams. The system is capable of monitoring your entire site and accumulate real time data, sending instant alerts to managers and employees when an area has reached capacity, as well as displaying visual warnings and alerts on locally positioned screens. This immediately reduces the risk of people congregating in spaces.

Download the SafeCount datasheet to learn more: Click Here ! 

Real-time occupancy monitoring for washrooms, restrooms and toilets !

Washrooms are often one of the highest trafficked areas of a building. Typically, they are small and confined spaces that can get crowded very quickly and make it impossible for social distancing to take place.

A SafeCount™ occupancy monitoring solution can accurately and anonymously count people as they enter and exit the restroom to limit occupancy to safe levels and avoid overcrowding.

Display signage outside the washroom can warn staff in real time whether it is safe to enter or whether they should wait until someone vacates the area.

These areas can become areas of discussion leading to occupancy numbers being met possibly quite quickly.

SafeCount can also handle washrooms with multiple entrances and exits.


Benefits of washroom occupancy monitoring for all sectors of society.

The benefits of monitoring occupancy in washrooms and restrooms doesn’t stop at enabling social distancing and protecting safety.

  1. Better hygiene - Switch from fixed cleaning schedules to demand based and provide a consistent level of cleanliness and sanitisation.
  2. Improved employee wellbeing and satisfaction – Hygiene and cleanliness of toilet facilities is a common cause of stress for employees. An occupancy monitoring solution can help to reassure them that their health and wellbeing is prioritised.
  3. Cost reduction – Improved hygiene can reduce the spread of illness and the number sick days required, whilst demand based cleaning can optimise the deployment of cleaning staff. 

Download the SafeCount datasheet to learn more: Click Here ! 

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