Kitchen Checks PRO is our new approach to taking HACCP temperatures and performing HACCP checks.



By combining our app on your tablet or phone, with a Bluetooth Thermometer from our Bluetooth Thermometer Range, it is possible to build and operate a complete HACCP program without the need for a pen or paper.






The App

Setting up the App could not be simpler. Simply scan the QR Code generated as part of the Sign-up Process and your HACCP plan and users will be setup automatically.


The App will connect and pair to your Comark Bluetooth Thermometer, so that temperature recording is wireless and fool-proof, reducing dry-labbing and record falsification.

The Comark Kitchen Checks App performs the following functions:

  • Cooking Temperatures
  • Reheat
  • Cold Holding
  • Hot Holding
  • Receiving Checks
  • Cleaning Checks
  • Equipment Temp Check
  • Cook to Cooling
  • Hot Hold To Cooling
  • Calibration Check (for Probe)

Should the Bluetooth Probe fail, or is not available, then the App can also be used in manual mode. All records recorded this way will be flagged as such in the Dashboard for clarity.

The Dashboard

Once Registered you will have your own personal and private Cloud Dashboard. The Dashboard is the go-to place to review all of your data. Here you will be able to review the infrmation from your devices and users.

All information is updated in real-time, when the collection devices (Phone or Tablet) are in range of WiFi or Phone signal. Until then the records are stored locally on the device.

You can make changes to your HACCP Plan at anytime, via the Dashboard and the 'Refresh' button in the app.

As a manager you may choose to have the Dashboard open on your PC or Tablet, where you can see the records update in real-time.

Comark Kitchen Checks App is FREE for the first Device with a limited data storage time online.

Subscription based upgrades are available as per the Pricing Chart above which opens many features i.e. Additional Sites, sub sites,extended data storage time.