Site Survey

It is recommended that HH Solutions complete a comprehensive Site Survey before purchasing and installing the RF500 Wireless Monitoring System. All site survey costs will be discounted on purchase of the system.

Contact us to arrange your site survey today.

Temperature Mapping

Mapping and validation for Temperature-Controlled Storage Areas

Temperature mapping is a critical step in the validation of any pharmaceutical process, all storage and manufacturing facilities must be temperature mapped to show that storage and transportation conditions are not harmful to your products.

HH Solutions using both Eltex and Comark equipment offers user-friendly methods for temperature mapping and validation of temperature-controlled storage areas, making it simpler and cheaper to ensure that correct temperatures are being maintained throughout your storage areas.

It provides peace of mind that there are sufficient controls in place within your operations to comply with regulatory requirements of MHRA, GLP or GMP regarding the storage of temperature and humidity sensitive stock.

Mapping can be carried out in a variety of storage areas:

  •     Fridges and Freezers
  •     Incubators
  •     Blood Banks
  •     Cold Rooms
  •     Warehouses
  •     Raw and Finished Goods

Information from the temperature mapping can be used in many different ways, such as:

  •     Identifying hot and cold spots
  •     Validation of specific areas
  •     Compliance with audit actions
  •     Aids conformance with the Orange Guide, MHRA and FDA regulations

Various packages are available depending on the devices or areas to be measured. These are available as either:

  •     Full on-site service by our dedicated Engineering and Calibration Team
  •     Pre-packaged equipment for end-user placement and return to HH Solutions

For advice or a quotation, contact us on 085 7807414 or email


User and operator training can be provided onsite and will be discussed during the purchase of your products.


Matman Check

Data Loggers

Callibration & Certification

Eltex Products

Eltex Matman Check XE products are supplied with Certified Calibration for a period of 1 year as per requirements. All products are returned to the manufacturer for Annual Calibration programming of Firmware and testing as part of the service.

G2 Loggers and Analysis Kit require regular Calibration & testing as per requirements for various industry standards.

Eltex of Sweden recommends that instruments are checked regularly to ensure they are kept within their calibration limits with the most up to date Firmware & Software.

Comark Products

Comark has one of the finest UKAS (United Kingdom Accreditation Service) accredited temperature and humidity calibration laboratories in the UK and can supply UKAS certificates for instruments and probes.

Comark recommends that the best way to ensure that instruments are kept within their calibration limits is to have them checked regularly by the Comark Calibration Service. Full instrument service is also available.

Certificates of Calibration, which are often essential as part of quality assurance systems, can also be supplied when calibration checks are carried out or with new instruments.

These can be provided from the Comark UKAS (United Kingdom Accreditation Service) accredited temperature and humidity calibration laboratory or traceable to NPL standards from the Comark in-house laboratory.


At HH Solutions we endeavour to maintain the highest standards with our commitment to quality and customer service. We have carefully selected our suppliers, all are well established each having over 40 years’ experience, with a proven track record within their industry for supplying products that are built to the highest standards and built to last. All suppliers provide a manufacturer’s warranty under normal working conditions.

Should you have a problem with any product please do not hesitate firstly to contact us. If a product return is required please complete and return the relevant Product Service Document with the product.