DOT2K Stainless Steel Oven Thermometer


DOT2K Stainless Steel Oven Thermometer

The DOT2K Stainless Steel Oven Thermometer with Colour-Coded Zones is an easy to read, durable oven thermometer, which can hang or stand freely so it can be placed out of the way inside an oven.

Cooking appliances can deviate from the desired temperature.  The DOT2K Oven Thermometer will provide a much more accurate reading of what’s going on in your oven and will provide an additional check that food is cooked at the temperature indicated on the appliance.

The DOT2K Oven Thermometer has bold numbers and colour-coded zones for quick temperature reference.

  • Temperature Range +100°C to +280°C / +200°F to +550°F
  • Accuracy ±1 Division
  • Stands or Hangs


Oven Temperatures

You should use an oven thermometer to test your oven for temperature accuracy. We would recommend that you repeat your tests every six months or so, because ovens can go out of temperature at any time. Your oven temperature

To test your oven temperature:

  • Place your Oven Thermometer in the center of the oven, so it is visible through the oven door*
  • Set the oven to +180°C and allow it 20 minutes to preheat
  • Take a temperature reading without opening the oven door
  • Take three more temperature readings, every 20 minutes – again without opening the oven door
  • When you have four readings, calculate their average
  • The average temperature should fall in the range +160°C to +190°C*
  • For average temperatures outside of the above range you should look to have your oven serviced
*For ovens without a glass door use a thermometer with an oven proof external probe
**Oven temperatures will oscillate within a calibrated range in order to maintain the heat at the specified temperature.



Download Literature

    Dial Thermometer Literature

Technical Specifications

Temperature Measurement Range+100°C to +280°C / +200°F to 550°F
Accuracy±1 Division
Scales°C and °F
Warranty1 Year

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