HOBO Weather Station 2-Meter Tripod Kit



Everything you’ll need for a 2-meter tripod configuration of the HOBO Weather Station or HOBO Micro Station. The Kit includes a 2-meter tripod (M-TPB), Grounding Kit (M-GKA), Guy Wire Kit (M-GWA), 1/2” Stake Kit (M-SKA) for guy wires, 1/4” Stake Kit (M-SKB) for tripod, and Mast Level (M-MLA).

The country of origin for this product is the United States. To see the full specifications for this product, please see our product manual found under the documentation tab if available.

Cross arm height range: 1.72 to 2.13 m (5.6 to 7 ft.)
Leg height (to top of legs): 0.81 m (2.7 ft.)
Mast diameter: 4.1 cm (1.63 in.)
Tripod footprint: 51 cm (20 in.)
Weight/Size: 56" x 10" x 9" @ 29 lbs.
Maximum slope: not adjustable for sloping surfaces

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