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Kitchen Checks Pro is the smart solution to HACCP Management with Cloud Storage of your Data reducing the risk and the paperwork.

Move to digital HACCP with Comark Kitchen Checks with Bluetooth temperature measurement using the Comark Bluetooth Thermometer Range.

Manage and monitor critical control checks knowing that corrective actions are pre-programmed so staff always know what to do. Increase quality, reduce waste and improve the bottom line.

The Kitchen Checks Professional Dashboard License has a single charge per Account setup allowing the use of a Single Smart Device phone or Tablet.

The Comark Kitchen Checks App performs the following functions:

  • Cooking Temperatures
  • Reheat
  • Cold Holding
  • Hot Holding
  • Receiving Checks
  • Cleaning Checks
  • Equipment Temp Check
  • Cook to Cooling
  • Hot Hold To Cooling
  • Calibration Check (for Probe)

For Download of the Kitchen Checks App please follow the Link HERE

NOTE; Kitchen Checks Professional Account Application opens a new browser window to 

For larger business operations with multiple sites there are Business & Enterprise Options depending on requirements. Please Contact Us for more information on these options.

Comark Kitchen Checks has three basic elements, by combining one of our Bluetooth Thermometers with our Comark Kitchen Checks App on your tablet or smartphone, it is possible to build and operate a complete HACCP program. This allows the user without the need for pen and works with Comark Thermometers.

Your Plan, Your Way.

Load all of your assets including refrigerators, coolers, walk-ins, freezers, cleaning checks, receiving checks, users, suppliers and all required products just how you need it. Essentially your current HACCP Plan, your way – but now in a free app!

Kitchen Friendly

Comark’s range of Bluetooth Thermometers are designed for busy caterers. All come with a case waterproof to IP65 and all have BioCote Anti-Microbial Protection to inhibit the growth of bacteria. They are also compatible with operators wearing latex gloves, vital for use in a kitchen.

Save Time

Automated record keeping with Comark Cloud storage of your temperature and HACCP check data that reduces labor and potential errors associated with paper reporting, saving you both time and money.

Live Data View

As a manager watch live data from your Kitchen Staff as it comes in to the Dashboard. Simply log on and keep the page open for instant updates as recorded data is uploaded. Respond to issues arising instantly, instead of having to wait to review yesterday’s paper records or review yesterday’s download.

Automatic Data Logging

Daily HACCP information is uploaded to the Cloud ensuring reports are recorded on time, every time by automating the data logging process and ensuring true peace of mind reporting.

*No Added Costs on the Professional Version

Unlike other systems Comark does not charge you a monthly fee for use of the app or Cloud. Your single purchase of a Bluetooth Thermometer with Kitchen Checks Professional entitles you to one application to the Checks App Dashboard.

The Setup Process for Kitchen Checks Professional is very simple;

  1. It’s easy to register for the Comark Kitchen Checks App and get on board with paperless HACCP.
  2. Populate the App with items including Refrigerators, Coolers, Walk-Ins, Freezers, Cleaning Checks, Receiving Checks, Users, Tablet or Phone, Suppliers, All Required Products.
  3. Download the App for free from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store to your chosen device. You can mix and match iOS and Android devices up to the limit for the type of account you have. *Professional allows 1 Device*.
  4. At the end of the Registration Process a QR code which, when scanned will load the information into the app. Each device (Tablet or Phone) will require a QR Code. This is either displayed on screen or can be printed.
  5. Once registered you will have your own personal and private Cloud Dashboard.
    The Dashboard is the go-to place to review all of your data.
    Here you will be able to review the information from your devices and users.

You can make changes to your HACCP plan at any time online via your PC Dashboard and using the ‘Refresh’ button in the app your updated information can be downloaded into the app itself. So menu changes for example can be accommodated with ease and changes made in just a couple of minutes.

Compatible Bluetooth Thermometers.

HH Solutions has a Range of Compatible Bluetooth Thermometers and Thermometer Kits for use with the App.


BT125W Pocket Thermometer              BT42 Type T                            BT48 Type K

Visit Our Bluetooth Thermometers & Thermometer Kits Product Page to select the best options for your business.

For Kitchen Checks Business or Enterprise please Contact Us directly. 



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