Matman Check 5 HACCP Management Starter Kit

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Mätman Check 5 is a HACCP Management System for documentation of actions for own-check routines in food handling.

The system is completely adaptable to your operations for instance Restaurants, Convenience Stores, Catering Kitchens and Food Production facilities can use the Matman Check 5 replacing the pen to paper recording of checks.

Advantages with Mätman Check

  • very easy to handle
  • complete documentation of all checks
  • handles corrective actions according to HACCP
  • reminder function for daily own-check routines
  • no more reports written by hand
  • clear presentation of measuring values and report printouts
  • fulfils authority demands

The system measures temperatures and registers actions at:

  • Goods Arrival
  • Cooking, Re-heating, and Chilling.
  • Hot Holding and Cold Holding
  • Cold Rooms and Freezers.

Mätman Check 5 also handles registering of visual inspections, for instance cleaning and hygiene inspections.

All reports are viewed on the PC, allowing for adding comments to Corrective Actions, Sign-Off and emailing if required.

    The Mätman Check 5 is a complete HACCP Management System for total documentation of the checks performed.

    Kit Includes;

    • 1 x MC132HU Matman Check HACCP
    • 2 x MC181FP Type K Class Penetration Probe 4-2mm with 1m Curly Lead.
    • 2 x MC191WP Type K Class Air Sensor with 70mm lead
    • 1 x MC152CE Carry Case
    • 1 x Matman Check XE PC Software
    • Includes Kit Calibration @ 0° & 70° C

    The Software can be installed on a local PC or on your company server with Client Software on multiple PC's for easy access throughout the organisation.

    We can provide a complete installation package which includes on site Database Development along with Key Staff Training.

    For more information on Database Development & Training please Contact Us Now.

    * Infra Red connection required between Handheld & PC for Communication. See Related Products for more information.

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