SafeCount Additional Node Sensor

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Monitor up to three (3) other doors being used to access the premises by purchasing an additional ‘Node Sensor’ per door. 

Each site must first purchase one ‘SafeCount Master Device’ (available in White or Black)

(Restrictions apply with multi-level sites, and local area network configuration for data transfer).

To 'Eliminate Staff’ from the numbers of people being shown, then you will need to purchase the ‘Detection Lanyards’.

There are no ongoing charges or subscriptions, unless the customer chooses any of the following features:

Multiple-Sites (premises) on a single global account viewing platform.
More detailed Auditing & Reporting functionality
Remote Assistance & configuration (as the system is self-install)
All of these are wrapped up into the annual ‘SafeCount Plus Subscription charge’ that is chargeable per ‘Master Device’.

Why SafeCount
Easy, fast install:

SafeCount has been designed to be self installed and requires no complicated setup or configuration. Simply mount above an entrance, connect a few cables and you are done.

An Optional Installation Service is available upon request. Contact Us


Standalone, yet scalable, Operating independently of existing IT networks, SafeCount is a fully standalone solution that can be scaled across locations and connected to our cloud platform for management and reporting.

Long term value:

Real Time occupancy data has value beyond ensuring social distancing compliance.

High accuracy:

Unrivalled person detection accuracy in excess of 99%, even in bright sunshine and total darkness. Find out why accuracy is critical for measuring occupancy.<br>

Privacy protecting:

SafeCount protects the privacy and anonymity of customers and building users. Our anonymous sensing technology does not require cameras or video to work accurately.

Staff detection:

Advanced functionality can make occupancy data more accurate by removing staff members from the occupancy count.

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