SafeCount Plus Subscription

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There are no ongoing charges or subscriptions, unless the customer chooses any of the following features:

  • Multiple-Sites (premises) on a single global account viewing platform.
  • Historic Reports for Analysis and Audit
  • More detailed Auditing & Reporting functionality
  • Remote Assistance & configuration (as the system is self-install)

All of these are wrapped up into the annual ‘SafeCount Plus Subscription charge’ that is chargeable per ‘Master Device’.

Benefits and ROI
Retail analytics - data driven intelligence
Irisys door counters can be used to measure people through different entrances, across or into different areas of a building. Retailers can use this to measure and optimise conversion rates, staff scheduling and the success of marketing campaigns.

Improve the customer experience
Knowing the patterns of customer demand in your stores allows you to more accurately schedule your staff and maintenance services to meet customer needs. It means that you can respond to actual known requirements rather than estimated figures, delivering a better customer experience overall.

Understand your customers
Data from Irisys people counting systems reveal just how many people visit a store, how many convert into customers, help identify areas of the store with high or low footfall, and correlate these against staff scheduling and marketing campaigns.

Find your winning conversion formula
Footfall analysis helps store teams to make the most of their sales opportunities and schedule their time as efficiently as possible. Identifying your most successful selling techniques and rolling them out across multiple stores, as well as analysing individual stores, becomes easy.

Get a consistent measure of customer engagement
Delivering real-time information on customer numbers and movement throughout the store, Irisys people counting systems can give you an accurate assessment of the footfall across your whole store portfolio, and show which stores are making the most of their opportunities.

Assign staff deployment to demand
By measuring the footfall in your stores at different locations and times of day, you can find the best places for in-store displays, and make sure that staff schedules accurately reflect the demand by customers. By reducing the time your staff spend where they aren’t required and re-deploying them where they are, you can make cost savings and create a better experience for customers and staff.

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