Storage facilities vary in the services they provide some include high specification Cold/Freezer Storage, Chilled Storage, Dry/Ambient Storage and Humidity Controlled Storage. The storage of raw material or finished product is paramount across many sectors from the Food to Pharmaceutical Industry and even including the Print Industry. Various goods require storage within specific criteria for temperature, humidity and more.

Storage and warehousing can be amongst the most difficult areas to ensure correct criteria due to the many factors that influence the conditions. Air changes may occur many times every day due to large doors being open in less than suitable weather conditions.

Temperature Mapping of all storage areas from warehouses to refrigeration units is essential to ensure the most suitable areas for specific products are found. Factors such as proximity to loading bays, sunlight, insulation levels and heating pipes or appliances can cause havoc with both temperature and humidity within storage facilities.

Monitoring of valuable stock is essential to ensure product quality is not compromised and all industry guidelines are met. In some situations to achieve Audit Compliance for the storage of high risk products conditions may need to be monitored around the clock using temperature and humidity monitoring systems.  

Recommended Products

  • RF500
  • Data Loggers from Comark & Eltex

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