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Food service operators and food retailers are more aware of food safety than ever before Compliance to regulations has become a requirement for every food business.

Growing awareness along with the compliance requirements of strict regulations, has led operators in the food industry to find solutions and strategies that ensure the safety of its products & customers across all areas of their business.

Based on the principles of HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) HH Solutions can provide catering businesses and food retailers with all the required temperature monitoring equipment, including waterproof food thermometers and data loggers. These products are available with a wide range of probes and come with various features including options on Bluetooth and Wireless transmission of data. These features are quickly becoming the norm as they remove the need to bring the data logger to a PC for data transfer.

Ensuring temperature compliance from supplier to customer has never been more important for restaurants and food outlets, school and hospital cafeterias, pubs, bars, supermarkets and other food retailers. Proving full traceability through food safety management plans is becoming more complex for those who face the stringent requirements of external auditors and inspectors.

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HH Solutions stock a comprehensive   products range from basic temperature   probes and loggers to the most advanced   HACCP Data Loggers & HACCP   Management Systems complete with   software these systems can provide   various benefits from Audit Trails,  Corrective Actions, Alarm Alerts and more.


Our Catering Thermometers are designed by world leaders in the industry with various specifications of temperature ranges and applications designed to help caterers and retailers manage food safety and comply with the food hygiene regulations.

These Catering Thermometers can be adapted with a suitable probe be it Penetration, Surface, Equipment /Air & Immersion. These are available from our Probes Range which provides the ability to search by Connection, Application or Type allowing customers cover all aspects of the industry from Food Temperatures to Equipment Temperatures.

Automation of checks can save time for even the smaller scale operations HH Solutions  supply a wide range of products including Matman Check 5 from Eltex of Sweden along with the New Kitchen Checks from Comark Instruments.

Matman Check 5 is a HACCP Management System suitable for all sectors of the Food Industry, complete with software and handheld. All your relevant HACCP details are input to the software and viewed on the handheld by operators in your food business. All routine checks from Goods Arrival, Cooking, Cooling and more are carried out and saved to the handheld Data Logger which the allows them to be collated in the Software ready to view.  

Kitchen Checks allows you to save check across all CCP's to a Tablet or Phone which is uploaded to the cloud ready for viewing from any internet enabled device. Checks can be carried out in all CCP's saving time and money with the removal of time consuming paperwork. Food Safety Managers can view live data via an internet enabled device.

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