Food Industry Cold Chain

Manufacturers and producers require a temperature-controlled supply chain operation (including food storage and distribution) which must run smoothly to ensure they can meet the requirements of their customers, ensuring best quality products are delivered in excellent condition. 

Temperature controlled storage and distribution has never been as important for food, drink manufacturing and grocery retail, an uninterrupted series of storage and distribution activities which maintain a given temperature range is a must. It is used to help extend and ensure the shelf life of products such as fresh agricultural produce, seafood, frozen food, .

Cold chains need to be evaluated and controlled, the use of refrigerator trucks and refrigerated warehouses is common. The procedures and systems required for maintenance of the cold chain mean the equipment such as wireless temperature monitoring systems has become more important to keep products at optimum storage temperatures. By keeping warehouses and storage areas within set temperature limits, supply chain operations can drive up efficiency, avoiding breaches in storage temperatures and save money.  Automated temperature data collection reduces labour costs and the risk of human error, further increasing efficiencies.

Temperature data loggers and wireless monitoring systems help monitor the temperature history of the truck, warehouse, etc. and the temperature history of the product being shipped. They also can help determine the remaining shelf life.

Documentation is critical. Each step of the custody chain needs to follow established protocols and to maintain proper records.

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