Food Production

Food Production is a fast-paced, complex business environment global markets are heavily regulated to ensure the food produced by the manufacturer is safe for consumption. HH Solutions offers a comprehensive range of waterproof food thermometers and data loggers designed for temperatures monitoring in busy food production environments.

HH Solutions through our constant customer feedback, understands the food processing environment and the requirement for temperature monitoring throughout the production industry. We stock instruments that are designed with the demands of the busy food manufacturer in mind. Our instruments are supplied by leading manufacturers including Comark, Eltex of Sweden, Fluke and Onset among others. 

Many products are designed for use with a wide range of probes and come with various features allowing quick manual checks to be taken throughout the manufacturing chain with hand held thermometers and probes.
Data collection may also be automated with wireless or bluetooth temperature and humidity systems that can reduce labor costs and minimize the risk of human error and the need for paper records. These products are ideal for storage areas such as fridges, freezers and chiller cabinets.  

Systems may contain features such as audit trails and electronic signatures, particularly helpful to food manufacturers as data is readily available to auditors. 
The food processing industry has many manufacturing requirements and some of our suppliers have over 40 years’ experience of temperature measurement, producing instruments that can be used through the food chain.

HH Solutions working with Eltex of Sweden developed the Matman Check 5 HACCP Management System designed to help remove pen & paper from your HACCP Plan. The Matman Check 5 is a system that has evolved in recent years with multiple software updates to its current level and is used across all sectors of the Food Industry 

HH Solutions is the authorised distributor of Comark precision measuring and monitoring instruments; a leading manufacturer in the field.

As the Irish Agents for AGC Instruments we also supply Modified Atmosphere Packaging MAP Analysers to suit the various requirements of gas flushed products within the food packaging and food processing industry.

Complying with relevant Food Safety Legislation is the basic legal requirement of food producers. The legislation requires that producers maintain HACCP Temperature Records at all stages of production, storage and transport. Though temperature monitoring it is not the only requirement is essential in maintaining high food safety standards.

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