C9551 Pressure Meter (2 PSI)


Comark C9551 Dry Use Pressure Meter 0-to-±140mbar / Dry Use Manometer 0-to-±140mbar  combines high accuracy with speed of response.

Twin inputs for gauge or differential pressure measurement. Dust and waterproof to IP67 (BS EN 60529, IEC529) standards.

Supplied with tubing and connectors.

  • Selectable pressure units, PSI, mbar, inH2O, inHg, mmHg, torr, Pa, mmH2O
  • Silicone protection option available for liquid pressure measurement
  • Positive or negative (vacuum) pressure measurement
  • Adjustable zero value
  • Maximum, minimum pressure and hold function
  • Averaged reading function
  • Over-range indication - maximum over/under pressure 6PSI/400mbar
  • Selectable auto switch off

Download Literature

    Comark Pressure Meters

    Operator Manual C9500 Series

Technical Specifications

Pressure Measurement Range0 to ±140 mBar (See manual for other ranges)
Accuracy±0.2% of full scale (FS) at +23°C
Repeatability±0.1% of full scale (FS) at +23°C
Mean Temperature Coefficient of Reading<0.1% per °C
Operating Range0 to 50°C, 10 to 90% RH non-condensing
Environmental ProtectionIP67, BS:EN60529, IEC529
Battery*9V PP3 6F22 — MN1604 UCAR9V
125 hours (using MN1604)
*Non-IS Models Only. IS models must only use Zinc Chloride Battery
Low Battery WarningDisplays BAT just before end point of battery
Over Pressure Indication– – – –
Over 9999 Reading IndicationLowest 4 digits blink
Connections1/8" BSP female
Weight330gm including battery
Warranty2 Years

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