Davis WeatherLink Live - Live Stream Davis Sensor Data


The easiest & fastest way to see your weather data online. Live-stream your weather station data over Wi-Fi or Ethernet directly to the WeatherLink Cloud and WeatherLink mobile apps.

WeatherLink Live™ makes getting your data from any Davis sensor simple, reliable, and fast. This data hub uses Davis’s dependable, frequency-hopping, spread spectrum radio to collect data from your indoor and/or outdoor sensors. Access your data for free from WeatherLink.com and WeatherLink mobile apps.

  • Stream live data directly to the Internet (you don’t even need a computer or Vantage Pro2/Vantage Vue console!)
  • Connect 80+ sensors to one WeatherLink Live (choose from the sensor options below)
  • Three sensors integrated within the WeatherLink Live unit (barometric pressure, inside temperature and humidity)
  • Up to 1,000 ft. (300 m) transmission distance
  • Works with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

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    WeatherLink Live Specifications


Monitor Your Home Environment

Configure a custom network of over 80 sensors on 8 transmitters, so you can see data from sensors in the garden/greenhouse, children's bedrooms, the loft, basement, pool/fish pond, garage, wine cellar – all with one WeatherLink Live.


Weather Link Live sensors around house


Create a Custom Network of Davis Sensors
Add any combination of up to eight of the following:


Sensor Transmitters are the building blocks of your custom network of sensors. They can be positioned indoors or outdoors and are capable of transmitting data up to 1,000 ft. (300 m). Each transmitter can support up to five sensors, including an Anemometer, Rain Collector, Temperature Probe or Temperature & Humidity Sensor, UV Sensor and Solar Radiation Sensor.


Amazon Alexa Integration
• To use WeatherLink Live with Amazon Alexa, simply enable the WeatherLink skill, then just say, “Alexa, ask WeatherLink to get my current conditions.”


Welcome to the Smart Home
• Connect your data to smart irrigation systems or other IoT/smart home devices.


Securely share your data
• Contribute your weather data to the global WeatherLink community.
• Share data with friends, family, or co-workers via the WeatherLink website and mobile applications.
• Upload to a growing list of third-party sites like Weather Underground or CWOP.
• Build your own weather tools with the powerful suite of WeatherLink API products.


Enjoy real-time data
• Experience the fastest reporting weather data on the market, with any personal device. Use the WeatherLink iOS or Android app to watch wind gusts and direct changes as they occur. While on Wi-Fi, your WeatherLink app will receive data every 2.5 seconds; your data will upload to WeatherLink.com every minute. 


Never lose data
• Safeguard recorded data with WeatherLink Live’s internal auxiliary memory.
• Protect against data loss with redundant battery backup.


Effortless setup
• Simple Bluetooth setup using the WeatherLink app.
• No Wi-Fi? No problem. Easily connect to Ethernet with the included cable.


Long-range wireless data
• Depend on Davis’s industry-leading, proprietary, frequency-hopping, spread spectrum radio to transmit data up to 1,000 ft. (300 m).

Comes Wi-Fi ready, with a 2 metre power cable, and also a 1.5 metre Ethernet cable; if you prefer a wired connection.


WeatherLink Live Internal Sensors

Barometric Pressure
Resolution and Units: 0.01" Hg, 0.1 mm, 0.1 hPa, 0.1mb. (user selectable)
Range: 16.00" to 32.50" Hg, 410 to 820 mm Hg, 540 to 1100 hPa or mb
Elevation Range: -1500' to +15,300' (-460 m to 4670 m)
Update Interval: 1 minute


Inside Relative Humidity
Resolution: 0.1%
Range: 1 to 100% RH
Accuracy: ±2%
Update Interval: 1 minute


Inside Temperature
Resolution: Current Data: 0.1°
Range: -+32° to +140°F (0° to +60°C)
Sensor Accuracy: ±0.5°F (±0.3°C) (typical)
Update Interval: 1 minute


Access Your Real-time Data Anywhere & Anytime

Your personal WeatherLink.com page gives you current condition readings for – Temperature, Humidity, Barometer, Wind Speed, Current Rain, Wind Direction, Total Rain, Rain Rate, Solar Radiation, Wind Rose, Local Forecast, Sunrise/Sunset, Moon Phase. 
With WeatherLink Pro, you can also store, read and graph your historical data.


WeatherLink 2 Display Charts


Bulletin with Current Conditions
Build and customise your bulletin dashboard to receive current data updates from all of your installed sensors. You can move and resize tiles to see the data just the way you like it.


Chart (requires Pro or Pro+ subscription)
Visualise any of your sensor data with custom line and bar charts on up to 4 different y-axes. Zoom into an hour of data or out to a full year to view details and trends.


Data (requires Pro or Pro+ subscription)
Access all of your raw sensor data at the click of a button. You can sort by date/time or data type and export any data set directly to an Excel-friendly .csv file.


Use the WeatherLink Map to view and interact with the community of public stations in the worldwide WeatherLink Network. Click on a station to see a summary of current data and click the bulletin to see the station’s customised weather dashboard.


Mobilize (requires Pro or Pro+ subscription)
Use the Davis Mobilize App on iOS or Android to create custom frost, weather, crop and irrigation views for web and mobile. It’s powerful enough to help avoid losing your farm crop to frost, and fun for the data-savvy backyard gardener looking to perfect their tomato crop.


IPM (requires Pro+ subscription)
Access Integrated Pest Management (IPM) on Mobilize to link your weather and sensor data to actual pest risk, giving you a powerful new tool in protecting your crops from pest damage.


Data in Your Pocket

WeatherLink Mobile App brings your data and the Davis WeatherLink Network to your phone. Join the worldwide network of businesses, schools and hobbyists sharing their weather data with the world. WeatherLink lets you see your personal Davis Instruments weather station data and local forecasts, as well as explore other stations from around the world. Enjoy 7-day and hourly forecast, rain, barometer, solar radiation and many more.


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Share Your Data with 3rd-party Weather Sites

Automatically upload your data to:

  • Weather Underground
  • CWOP


Download Your Data from WeatherLink.com

You can  download your data in an easily-readable .csv format anytime from any computer with the use of any major browser with the ‘Data’ feature available in the paid WeatherLink.com Pro Tier plan.


Note: WeatherLink Live is not compatible with WeatherLink Computer Software.


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