EVSWPRO EV logger Software - Professional Version

EV logger Software - Professional Version Special features aid compliance with the pharmaceutical industry 21CFR Part 11 requirements. The proven software package for programming, data retrieval and data storage is compatible with all Comark Diligence EV data loggers and the N3014 Graphic Display Monitor. This compatibility allows instruments to be selected for almost every logging and monitoring application and run from a single software package.
  • Provides enhanced security options, including:
  • - Multi-level user password access
  • - Extensive record filtering
  • Offers additional data analysis, including:
  • - Elapsed time
  • - Maximum, minimum and mean values
  • - Standard deviation
  • - Mean kinetic temperature
  • - Pasteurisation values
  • - Full audit trail and electronic signatures
  • Multi-lingual
  • Designed for Windows XP, and Windows 7 32 and 64-Bit, and Vista 32-Bit.

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