KM20REF High Accuracy Reference Thermometer


The KM20REF is a High Accuracy, reference thermometer for checking the calibration of all types of thermometer/probe combinations.

Platinum resistance thermometer technology and permanently attached PT100 probe for highest system accuracy.


  • Displays temperature in °C
  • Auto switch off
  • Supplied with hard carrying case.
  • Displays temperature in centigrade
  • Supplied with 5-point UKAS Calibration Certificate (points -18°C, 0°C, +8°C, +20°C, +70°C)

Auto switch-off feature
Supplied with carrying case
The KM20REF High Accuracy Reference Thermometer can be used in-conjunction with the KM820/VAL Validation Calibration Check Unit to calibrate contact and infrared thermometers.

KM820/VKIT is also available consisting of KM20REF, KM820Val & Carry Case.

Download Literature

    KM20REF Manual

Technical Specifications

Sensor TypePT100
Temperature Measurement Range-100°C to +199.9°C
Scales°C only
System Accuracy±0.2°C
Operating Temperature Range0°C to +40°C
UKAS Certificate Calibration Points-18°C, 0°C, 8°C, 20°C, 70°C
Battery Type9V IEC 6LF22 alkaline
Battery Life100 hours
Warranty1 Year

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