Matman Check 5 HACCP Data Logger

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Mätman Check 5 is a complete HACCP Management System. The handheld unit contains all relevant details of your specific business from Staff Names, CCP's, Criteria, Food Products, Equipment, Delivery Companies, Menu Content etc. to allow users carryout HACCP Checks. The Matman Check 5 is in use throughout the Food Industry from convenience stores, catering kitchens, restaurants, hotels and food production. All checks carried out are stored ready for transfer to PC Database where Reports are generated using the Software at the click of a mouse. The system is completely adaptable to your operations using your current structure and paperwork as the template for database development. We also offer a service of Database Development on site along with Key Staff Training. For more information on the Database Structure or Design please Contact Us Advantages with Mätman Check
  • very easy to handle
  • complete documentation of all checks across all C.C.Ps.
  • handles corrective actions according to HACCP
  • reminder function for daily own-check routines
  • no more reports written by hand
  • clear presentation of measuring values and report printouts
  • fulfils authority demands
The system measures temperatures and registers actions at:
  • – Goods Arrival
  • – Cooking Re-heating, and Chilling.
  • – Hot Holding and Cold Holding
  • – Cold Rooms and Freezers.
  • – Mätman Check also handles registering of visual inspections, for instance cleaning and hygiene inspections.
All checks are stored in the handheld device until downloaded to the PC Software at which time all checks are collated to their specific CCP. Corrective Actions are applied to any check completed outside the programmed Criteria at the time of testing as the system informs the operator. Comments may be added to any of these deviations in the software to show complete follow up, all Corrective Actions and Comments are presented on the printable Report for easy tracking at audit time. A complete solution for total documentation of the checks performed. Part MC132HU Matman Check HACCP contains; Handheld Data Logger. Free Software Disc. Please select required Accessories & Probes from Related Products above. This product is ideal to extend the quantity of Matman Units in your business. For first time purchasers please refer to the Matman Check 5 Kit

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