RF500A Gateway for Wireless Monitoring

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Comark's RF500A Wireless Monitoring System Gateway.

At the heart of the RF500 Wireless Monitoring System is the RF500A Gateway, a powerful device with all the features you expect from a comprehensive monitoring device. 

No specialist software is required as the RF500A Gateway contains a powerful web server which provides a built in user interface in the form of web pages.

All of the set-up pages and data viewing is carried out via your web browser on you PC or Laptop.is controlled by the Gateway unit to provide an economic and flexible solution to most measurement applications.

RF500 Wireless Monitoring System can provide an economic and flexible solution to most measurement applications.

All data is stored securely on your Network and not sent to the Cloud, meaning you have complete control over the system and the data with no third-party involvement.


The intuitive Web Based User Interface provides subscription-free, secure, multi-user access to data records and audit trails, from any web-browser enabled device. It is fully scalable to meet the demands of monitoring multiple devices across multiple sites, in line with your monitoring, data logging and compliance requirements.

Before you read further please View our Live Demo.

This Live Demo of the Comark RF500 Wireless Monitoring System user interface is designed to give you a View Only experience of the interface for evaluation purposes.

Username; rf500demo      Password; comarkRF

The Live Demo will open in a new browser.

Intelligent Mesh Networking 

Established through powered transmitters, the intelligent mesh network enables the system to automatically adjust to any changes in the environment, re-routing signals as required to ensure that the data is always returned to the system gateway. 

Self-healing network properties, data encryption and automatic data retrieval ensures high data integrity with elimination of data loss.  

In the event of a power failure, data is stored in our transmitters and then automatically transmitted to the system gateway as soon as the network is restored, resulting in continuous data. RF500 transmitters can store up to 32,000 readings, or approximately three months of data.

Monitor & Measure what matters;

Temperature; Measure the temperature of your perishable assets with air and penetration probes or predict the temperature of your critical food and perishable samples by using a special simulant probe.
Use temperature probes to measure liquid nitrogen vessels to alert you when the liquid level drops.
Track any temperature changes in your incubators that are on programmed cycles, by using dynamic alarms, to only alarm when necessary.

Humidity; If humidity is critical to your processes and you need to maintain certain levels of humidity in your working environment, then the RF500 Wireless Monitoring System has the options you need.
Choose the RF513 wireless transmitter for general purpose temperature/RH monitoring.
Choose the RF515 multi-parameter wireless transmitter and a high quality transducer for when humidity and dew point levels are vital to your operation.

Pressure; Perfect for anyone who is still reliant on old-fashioned, mechanical gauges for pressure monitoring. Especially if you need to know when the pressure differential between labs has reached a critical level.
The RF500 wireless system can measure your pressure levels with great accuracy and reliability.
It is also intelligent enough to only alarm when absolutely necessary, giving you a much needed early warning of any potential leak or other hazard.

Gases; Incubators are an essential part of tissue sample storage and the RF500 system will warn you when levels reach critical levels that may destroy precious, irreplaceable samples. We’ve teamed up with a leading UK supplier of CO2/O2/N2 sensors to provide you with accurate and reliable monitoring of your gas levels, ensuring samples are maintained in optimum condition.

Light; If light is important to the growth of your plants, for example, but you still rely on handheld measurements, then use the RF500 system for 24/7 monitoring and out-of-hours alarms for when the light falls outside of planned levels. Use dynamic alarms to account for differing light levels during a 24 hour period, so that you are always assured of the correct levels.

Door Events; We all know that leaving a fridge door open can cause the temperature to rise, impacting the quality of your goods. But what if the door is opened multiple times during the day, but never long enough to trip your ‘door open’ alarm? The RF500 can still alarm on these multiple occurrences, through summation, by adding events together, because we feel that they also have an impact.

Industries & Applications;


Benefits of the RF500A Gateway; 

  • Solid state memory via two SD Cards
  • Automatic back up between the two cards provides additional data protection
  • Monitors temperature, humidity and door events
  • Full record keeping and choice of alarm notification via screens, email, SMS or voice
  • Multi-user access via web browser - no software required
  • Aids HACCP compliance as required by EU Regulation 852/2004
  • An essential component of a 21CFR Part 11 system

Download Literature

    HH Solutions RF500 Brochure

    HH Solutions RF500 User Guide

    HH Solutions Back Up Guide

  • Channels Up to 256
  • Transmitters Up to 64
  • Storage Capacity Up to 10 years storage
  • RF Frequency 2.4GHz using IEEE 802.15.4
  • Operating Range 0°C to +40°C / +32°F to +104°F, 10-90% RH non-condensing
  • Power Adaptor 100-240VAC 310mA 50/60Hz
  • Battery Backup 4.3Ah Ni-Mh Rechargeable Battery. Running time approx 1 hour
  • Power Sources AC power adaptor, rechargeable NiMh battery
  • Clock Accuracy 4ppm (2 minutes per year)
  • Relay Outputs (SW1 &SWT;) Two individual 2.5mm jack sockets. Contacts: 24Vdc 500mA maximum
  • Power Consumption 12W typical
  • Dimensions L 225mm x W 150mm x D 40mm
  • Weight 1.3Kg
  • Warranty Two Years

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