Food Pro - Infrared Thermometer, -30 to +200°C


The FP Food Pro Infrared Thermometer offers quick temperature checks for all food applications.

Target illumination shows measurement area so user can move closer for more accurate readings.

  • Infrared Temperature Range: -30°C to +200°C / -25°F to +400°F
  • Working Range: 12mm to 300mm / 0.5in to 12in
  • Emissivity: Pre-set for food service applications
  • Warranty: 2 Years

HACCP temperature danger zones indicated with clear safe/unsafe LED warnings: Green - temperatures are within safety guidelines and outside danger zone Red - warning - temperatures are inside the HACCP danger zone and potentially unsafe -

HACCP danger zone set at 4°C to 60°C/ 40°F to 140°F

  • Washable IP54 rated cases
  • Instant, non-contact readings can reduce product wastage, chance of cross contamination and staff time carrying out checks
  • 7 second display hold with auto switch off.

Usage Tip

Whilst Infrared Thermometers are a fast and safe way of taking surface temperature measurements, greater accuracy can be achieved with certain foodstuffs by stirring, mixing or bringing food from the bottom or center of the product to the surface, wherever practical. With liquid foodstuffs like sauces and soups for example, a sample of the liquid should be brought from the bottom of the container before using the Infrared Food Thermometer with Laser Sighting to take a temperature measurement. For semi-solid foodstuffs simply use a clean spoon or similar utensil create an opening in the center of the material and use the laser sighting to target the food inside.

Download Literature

    Food Pro Infra Red Literature

Technical Specifications

Working Range12mm to 300mm / 0.5in to 12in
Min. Target Size12mm / 0.5in
Distance to Spot Ratio2.5 to 1
Target IlluminationHigh brightness LED
EmissivityPre-set for food service applications
Spectral Response8 to 14 microns
Temperature Measurement Range-30°C to +200°C / -22°F to +400°F
Accuracy (0°C to 65°C)±1°C
Accuracy (32°F to 150°F)±2°F
Accuracy (below 0°C / 32°F)±1°C / ±2°F, ±0.1 degree/degree
Accuracy (above 65°C / 150°F)±1.5% of reading
Environmental ProtectionIP54
Ambient Operating Range0 to +50°C / -32°F to +122°F
Humidity at 30°C / 86°F90% (±5% RH)
Battery Type1 x AA alkaline
Battery Life10 hours @ +23°C / +73°F
Weight With Battery150g (0.33lbs)
DimensionsLength 150mm / 5.88in, Width 30mm / 1.25in, Depth 50mm / 2in
CertificationNSF Listed
Warranty2 Years

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