BT42C/TC/Catering KIT Bluetooth Thermometer


HH Solutions Ireland's leading stockist of Compliance Instruments supply the Comark BT42C Bluetooth Thermometer with a PX22L/C Penetration Probe & SX23L Between Pack Probe. This Kit is complete with Traceable Calibration @ 0° & 80°C

Take our best Food Thermometer the BT42C and add Bluetooth for a whole new experience. Take your HACCP Temperature recording to the next level with the new BT42C Bluetooth Food Thermometer. 

  • BT42C Temperature Range: -200°C to +400°C Dependant on Suitable Probe
  • BT42C/TC/Catering Kit Range: -40°C to +150°C
  • Rugged and Waterproof Case (IP65/67)
  • MAX/MIN and HOLD
  • Warranty: 2 Years

*Note: This is a Complete Thermometer Device with Probes and Traceable Calibration, ready for use.

The Comark BT42C Bluetooth Food Thermometer has a Battery life greater than 5,000 Hours from two Alkaline AA cells and the 4-button keypad keeps operation simple. Temperature Alarms are standard across the BT4X range of Thermometers alerting you to out of parameter temperatures (fully user programmable).

The BT42C comes in Comark’s proven durable, rugged, IP65 rated case, the thermometer is the perfect choice for demanding process environments. The BT42C incorporates a range of advanced features designed to answer the quality control and HACCP requirements of the professional food industry user, plus the added Bonus of Bluetooth connectivity.

In order to use the Comark API’s you will of course need a User Interface (App) or Software Suite.

Comark Bluetooth API

The Comark APIs enable a User Interface (App) to extract data such as temperature from the BT42C Thermometer and have it sent to the User Interface (App) to be displayed as results. The benefit of this approach is that you can bring large amounts of HACCP critical data from various devices, into a single platform, using a third-party program or software suite.                                                                                                               

This enables you to monitor manual tasks from product delivery to food storage, food preparation and foodservice. You can also incorporate real-time monitoring data for periodic checks of your storage and display units, thus freeing up valuable staff time to concentrate on more operational and quality tasks.

Why Bluetooth?

For most professional use cases, a food thermometer needs to be used in a specific and controlled manner and the temperature data collected at source. This makes a secure data transmission protocol such as Bluetooth an ideal solution for busy and flexible working environments.

Our Bluetooth Thermometers are simple and easy-to-use, similar to our existing thermometer range with ittle-to-no training required by staff.

Digitally record temperature checks with a single tap as data is automatically uploaded and updated to your User Interface with the Comark API.
Cut down on time-consuming and error prone paper records, Re-use existing probes, Use already available mobile devices to run your app.

If you work in the Quick Frozen Food Industry, then the BT42C Food Thermometer should be your go-to Thermometer, as it meets the requirements of DIN EN 13485:2002:

“Thermometers for measuring the air and product temperature for the transport, storage and distribution of chilled, frozen, deep frozen/quick frozen food and ice-cream”

The Comark BT42C Bluetooth Food Thermometer is suitable for both air and product temperature measurement, providing excellent accuracy. It is certified to European Standard EN13485:2002* making it particularly suitable for use anywhere in the cold chain.

*When used with the PX37L Penetration/Air Probe.

Rated IP65/IP67, the thermometer is the perfect choice for demanding process environments. The BT42C incorporates a range of advanced features designed to answer the quality control and HACCP requirements of the professional food industry user.

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Technical Specifications

Measurement Range Thermistor-58°F to +257°F / -40°C to +125°C
Measurement Range Thermocouple Type T-200°C to +400°C / -328°F to +752°F
Environmental ProtectionIP65/67, Meets the requirements of DIN EN 13485:2002
Scales°C and °F
Displayed Resolution0.1° > -100° 1° <= -100°
Instrument Accuracy0.1% ±0.2°C / ±0.4°F full range @ +23°C Ambient
System Accuracy (Thermistor)At +23°C / +73°F
0°C to +70°C, +32°F to +158°F<±0.3°C / ±0.6°F
-25°C to 100°C, 13°F to +212°F±0.5°C / ±0.9°F
System Accuracy Type T*±0.5°C 0°C to +70°C @ +23°C Ambient
*±0.9°F 32°F to +157°F @ +73°F Ambient
*When used with Comark Probe
Temperature Coefficient Thermistorless than ±0.005°C/°C (0.01°F per °F)
Temperature Coefficient Thermocoupleless than ±0.01 % of reading ±0.02 °C per °C (±0.02°F per °F) change from 23°C
Ambient Temperature Range-20°C / -4°F to +50°C / +122°F operating
Display4 digit, 12.5 mm LCD
BatteryTwo Type I.E.C. LR6 Size AA
Battery Life (continuous)Up to 5,000 hours (1,000 hours in Bluetooth Mode)
EMC EmissionTested to EN61326-1 Criteria B Performance
Length152mm / 6 inches
Width58mm / 2.3 inches
Depth22/27mm / 09./1.1 inches
Weight178g / 6.3oz
Warranty2 Years
CertificationContains FCC ID: P14BLGOO
Bluetooth VersionBluetooth Ver 4.0 Low Energy (BLE)
Bluetooth Range10m typically

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