RF300 Cloud Account Subscription


HH Solutions supply the RF300/400 Wireless Monitoring System which will Measure the Temperature and Humidity of your perishable assets with both air and penetration probes. 

RF300/400 Series Loggers when connected to The Comark Cloud makes the task of continuously monitoring your workplace environments easier, by providing automated temperature and humidity monitoring and associated alerts, in conjunction with your RF300/400 WiFi devices.

The Comark Cloud is used to monitor and report on your devices, either at a single location, or at multiple sites around the world.

No more missed records, no more time-consuming paperwork! You can access your Comark Cloud account from wherever you are in the world using any internet enabled device, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The Comark Cloud is effectively online storage, that is a simple way to store and access important temperature records, safe in the knowledge that they are saved in a secure location.
If you have responsibility for food safety and currently collect data for compliance then the Comark Cloud could be the solution for you.

Comark Cloud Application via New Window to Comark here

Download the Comark Cloud Android App here

Compliance Regulations apply across all sectors, any operation where data records of Temperature and Humidity are required will benefit from the Comark RF300 Wireless Monitoring System.

****Subscription fees apply. Standard Subscription are charged annually, in advance, at €33 per logger Plus VAT @23%.
Please Note – Account activation may take up to 48Hrs from time of application.

Data Backfill for Added Reassurance.
In the event of a loss of wifi or internet connection, each wifi data logger in your RF300 wifi monitoring system, will continue to log your temperature and/or humidity data, until such time as the connection is restored – at which point data will be automatically uploaded to the Comark Cloud.

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