T220/38A Espresso and Steam Table Thermometer


HH Solutions Irelands leading stockist of Compliance Instruments supply the Comark T220/38A Espresso and Steam Table Thermometer which is perfect for checking steam table temperatures when making espresso, latte and hot chocolate.

The handy T220/38A Espresso and Steam Table Thermometer has a sturdy clip so the thermometer attaches securely to cups or jugs helping to produce silky milk froth every time.

  • The plastic watertight lens magnifies the numbers and divisions for easy, condensation free readings.
  • The pocket clip sheath covers the stem for easy transporting while on the job
  • Stainless steel construction is tough enough to withstand a drop and still give accurate readings
  • Measurements are in degrees Fahrenheit. 
  • 20cm (8") Stem.                                                                          

Re-Calibration Instructions

This Thermometer can be re-calibrated should it be subjected to shock or extreme temperature changes.

To re-calibrate to within ± 1 division, immerse the stem at least 7.5cm / 3″ into a slush ice solution (60% crushed ice and 40% tap water). Wait at least one minute for the sensor to reach equilibrium. By holding the hex nut securely with a wrench or pliers, the Thermometer can be adjusted until the pointer reads the desired temperature. You will need a second Thermometer, either glass or digital, to verify the control temperature.


Technical Specifications

Temperature Measurement Range0°F to +220°F
Accuracy±1 Division
Stem Length20cm / 8"
Dial Size4.5cm / 1.75"
MaterialStainless Steel
CertificationNSF Listed
Warranty1 Year Limited

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