TCF220/3K Dual Scale Meat Thermometer


The TCF220/3K Meat Thermometer with Safe Cooking Temperature Zones is made from stainless steel and has a large face and easy to read dial.

•Temperature Range: -18°C to +105°C / 0°F to +220°F
•1 3/4″ (1.75″) Dial
•125mm / 5″ stem

The TCF220/3K Meat Thermometer may be inserted into the food at the beginning of the cooking time and remain there throughout cooking.

•Easy Reading
•Stainless Steel Construction
•Plastic, Water-Tight Dial Cover
•Re-Calibration Nut

Meat Thermometer Use
1. Be sure the Thermometer stem is clean before using the Thermometer
2. The meat you are roasting should be thawed entirely through before using the Thermometer
3.Insert the thermometer stem into the roast or fowl being prepared, being sure the stem is inserted into the center of the meat and is not in contact with bone or gristle

Dual °C/°F scale dial thermometer for checking meat temperatures.


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    TCF220/3K Dual Scale Thermometer

Technical Specifications

Temperature Measurement Range-18°C to +105°C / 0°F to +200°F
Scales°C and °F
Stem Length125mm / 5"
Dial Size1 3/4" (1.75")
MaterialStainless Steel
CertificationNSF Listed
Accuracy±1 Division
Warranty1 Year Limited

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