DTH880 Combined Humidity Meter and Thermometer


The DTH880 Combined Humidity and Temperature Meter is designed for everyday use in the home or in small businesses. With a built-in easel, it stands on flat surfaces and may also be mounted on walls.

•Temperature Range: 0° to +50°C / +32° to +122°F
•Humidity Range: 25 to 95% RH
•Resolution: Temp: 1ºF/C, Humidity: 1%RH

Both temperature and humidity are visible at a glance in either Centigrade or Fahrenheit. Perfect for laundry areas, computer rooms, greenhouses or the kitchen.

Special Functions

The following are special functions of the DTH880 Combined Humidity Temperature Meter:

Record Function

Press the MIN/MAX button to display minimum temp. and RH. Press the button again to display maximum temp. and RH. Pressing the button a third time will display current temp. and RH. Press the CLR button to clear minimum and maximum records. LCD will display MAX and MIN simultaneously for about 1 second.

ºC/ºF Function

This key switches between ºC and ºF

Hold Function

This key holds the measurement on the display

Comfort Zone

A COMFORT indicator is displayed when temp. is between +18º and +22ºC / +62.2º and +70.6ºF and RH is between 45% and 65%

Battery Replacement

Replace the battery when BAT is displayed
1.Remove the two screws from back cover to remove that cover
2.Check polarity when replacing battery

Technical Specifications

Temperature Measurement Range0° to +50°C / +32° to +122°F
Humidity Measurement Range25 to 95% RH
Temperature Accuracy (0° to 40°C)±1°C / ±2°F
Temperature Accuracy (32° to 104°F)±2°F
Temperature Accuracy (Full Range )±2°C / ±4°F
Humidity Accuracy (40% to 80%)±5% RH
Humidity Accuracy (below 40% or above 80%)±7% RH
ResolutionTemp: 1ºF/C, Humidity: 1%RH
Battery Type1 x AAA (1.5V)
Battery Life Expectations1 Year or more
Scales°C and °F
ComplianceEN50 081-1:1992, EN 50082-1:1992 IEC 801-2: 1984, IEC 801-3:1984, IEC 801-4:1998
Warranty Period1 Year Limited

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