Case History MATMAN CHECK 5

Customer: Green Farm Foods (A Food Processing Plant)
The customer operates a food processing plant, with intake of various raw products which are cooked on an inline oven.

Requirement: Specifically to replace the current method of manually recording all HACCP Temperature Checks at the end of the cooking process. The volume of checks created a vast quantity of paperwork which in turn needed to be entered into databases to obtain maximum, minimum and average temperatures for all batches cooked.

Solution: The Matman Check has replaced all manual recording of HACCP Temperature Checks at this location by saving all checks to the Handheld Data Logger. The operator is informed by the system if the particular check has Passed the pre-set Criteria requirements removing human error. All details of each check are logged with relevant details including the pre-set Criteria used, operator name, time, product type & temperature achieved.

Benefits: The Matman Check has allowed the customer to greatly simplify their HACCP Temperature Checks resulting in a greater volume of checks being carried out with no downtime for paperwork at the oven. With the use of specifically designed additional software data can be extracted to create graphs and more for each batch cooked without the need for tiresome manual data input.

Testimonial: We have used the Matman Check System in our production facility since October 2010, during this period we have found the system to be of huge benefit to our record management. The details aquired in all readings, along with the pre-set Criteria for all checks provide us with complete accountability of all data, ensuring the levels of quality we demand. All data is stored on PC and is readily available for viewing by our Food Safety Team or visiting Auditors. I would not hesitate in recommending the Matman Check System to any company involved in Food Production.

To date the Matman Check 5 has received approval from every auditor during site inspections.

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