Client: Blood Bank

Background: A pathology department at a Welsh hospital recently installed an RF500 Wireless Monitoring System to monitor the blood bank storage conditions.

Using RF512 transmitters together with a special duplex probe, they were able to measure and monitor the blood core temperature by using a blood bag containing glycerol solution. At the same time, they could also measure the air temperature of the fridge/freezer, effectively using one RF512 transmitter for each blood bank fridge or freezer.

The flexible programming of RF500 enabled each individual channel of the RF512 transmitter to not only be programmed with different alarm temperature values, but also importantly set different alarm delay values.

It was possible to dictate a zero time delay for alarm notification from the blood core temperature simulant sensor thereby aiding compliance with MHRA guidelines. Typically, a blood bag with special probe attached is used with a solution of 10% glycerol in water solution to the normal volume of the product being stored*


  • Total flexibility for alarm parameters to be set independently from one transmitter to another, or one channel to another
  • Using a duplex probe, a single transmitter can be used to monitor both simulated blood core temperatures and air temperature in freezer
  • Aids regulatory compliance
  • RF500 Gateway capacity allows for future monitoring requirements