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The RF300 Wireless Monitoring System from HH Solutions has the ability to Measure the Temperature and Humidity of your perishable assets with both air and penetration probes, or predict the temperature of your critical food and perishable samples by using a simulant probe. RF300 Series Loggers provide you with many options to suit individual requirements.                                                           

The wide temperature range of the RF300 Wireless Monitoring System from -270°C to +1372°C (probe dependent) allows Pharmaceutical users to measure liquid nitrogen vessels.

If Humidity is critical to your processes and you need to maintain certain levels of humidity in your working environment, then the RF300 wifi monitoring system includes an option for this. Choose the RF313-TH wifi temperature and humidity data logger for general purpose temperature/RH monitoring.

 Comark Cloud

The Comark Cloud makes the task of continuously monitoring your workplace environments easier, by providing automated temperature and humidity monitoring and associated alerts, inconjunction with your RF300 WiFi devices.

The Comark Cloud with its New  Client Interface is used to monitor and report on your devices, either at a single location, or at multiple sites around the world. No more missed records, no more time-consuming paperwork! You can access your Comark Cloud account from wherever you are in the world using any internet enabled device, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


The Comark Cloud is effectively online storage, that is a simple way to store and access important temperature records, safe in the knowledge that they are saved in a secure location.

If you have responsibility for food safety and currently collect data for compliance then the Comark Cloud could be the solution for you.

Compliance Regulations apply across all sectors, any operation where data records of Temperature and Humidity are required will benefit from the Comark RF300 Wireless Monitoring System.


All business owners recognise the need to keep their staff and customers comfortable, keeping staff morale high, maintaining a productive workplace and in turn providing customers with a positive experience. Temperature and humidity data can help you ensure that buildings comply with environmental regulations by troubleshooting heat-loss, or profiling environmental conditions to fully evaluate the performance of heating and ventilation systems.

By implementing a network of RF300 wifi temperature and humidity data loggers in the workplace or office environments, you can collate the data and help to identify where steps can be taken to improve energy efficiency.


The healthcare industry relies heavily on temperature monitoring as it is regulated by bodies such as the MHRA and CPA, with laboratories operating to UKAS accreditation ISO/IEC 17025:2005. In order to comply with these regulations, robust audit trails must be in place. A reliable system must be in place to report that thermal cyclers, refrigerators, freezers, water baths and other equipment are operating within strict temperature parameters.

Automated monitoring of vaccines, pharmaceutical products, tissue stores and any other biological samples, with alarms in the event of a failure, help staff operate to MHRA guidelines.

Life Sciences

Laboratories which are accredited to UKAS standard ISO/IEC 17025:2005 and those that are working to HTA guidelines, must all ensure that their refrigerators, freezers and incubators are maintained to very strict temperature levels. It is imperative that irreplaceable samples such as DNA, tissue and other biological matter are all stored in correct temperature controlled conditions and that any reagents and culture media are also similarly protected.

Organisations that are involved in life changing research and those wishing to safeguard criminal prosecutions, rely totally on these unique samples, so it is vital that they are protected by correct temperature monitoring.

Food & Drink

Keeping track of temperature records in HACCP plans can be time consuming and food business work to ever tighter margins. Wireless monitoring of temperature controlled storage areas 24/7 reduces labour time and the risk of errors.

Alarm notifications that prompt corrective actions help to meet BRC legislation and ensure temperatures are at optimum levels to avoid any food related health scares.


Product manufacture, where strict temperature and humidity tolerances need to be measured, can also benefit from wireless monitoring of the manufacturing environment.

The reliable monitoring of temperature and humidity conditions, is an important aspect of environmental monitoring.

If temperature and humidity in your working environment are not strictly monitored it can lead to a significant degradation in operational efficiency, as machinery and equipment become affected by adverse environmental conditions.


Healthcare professionals, in all clinical departments in hospitals, are subject to robust regulatory frameworks, based on hospital and MHRA, CPA, FDA, HTA, CQC and other organisational guidelines relative to their region.

Budget efficiencies, as well as growing demands to do more with less in a heavily regulated environment, drive the need to automate the sort of temperature and humidity monitoring that is required for regulatory compliance.

Monitoring freezers, refrigerators, ultra-low temperature storage devices, incubators and room ambience is a priority as an undetected failure of a unit puts public health at risk and can have huge financial costs.

Our range of wireless of RF300 WiFi data loggers continuously and discretely monitor temperature and/or humidity to give you accurate readings around the clock, utilising and leveraging your existing WiFi network, to send and store all data to our Comark Cloud service.

Data Backfill for Added Reassurance.                 

In the event of a loss of wifi or internet connection, each wifi data logger in your RF300 wifi monitoring system, will continue to log your temperature and/or humidity data, until such time as the connection is restored – at which point data will be automatically uploaded to the Comark Cloud


Our range of RF300 WiFi data loggers are available in a variety of models to suit various applications.



Following the purchase of any device from the RF300 Series Range you will need to Purchase a Comark Cloud Account Subscription here Included in the detail are links to the Comark Website where you can create your Cloud Account for your Company along with links to the Free Android App.

HH Solutions have chosen Comark for our Client because they have over fifty years in the thermometer business …

… along with twenty years’ experience selling wireless monitoring into your industry!

Comark has the knowledge and dedication in the field of temperature and humidity monitoring that your business relies on.

HH Solutions will work with you to ensure that you have the right solution in place to meet your requirements and provide excellent after sales support through a dedicated and knowledgeable team who are just a phone call away.

If required, we also have our own in-house professional installation team, who can take care of the implementation and commissioning for you.

****Subscription fees apply.

Standard Subscription cost is charged annually, in advance, at €30 per logger Plus VAT @ 21%
Please Note– Account activation may take up to 48Hrs from time of application.


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